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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Eternal Satisfaction

Sometimes people are shocked when I say, "I don't drink- I'm a teetotaler." I think others think that I'm regretful I never partied hard or tried drugs in high school- because I never did. And clubbing? Nah. No regrets- for any of those. I made a choice not to participate in those things, mostly because they are not appealing to me in any way shape or form, but also because, as a Christian, my life is dedicated to Christ.

And that further begs the question others seem to have, "Why?"

Well to that I say, "Why not?"

I know what it's like to be at the "end of your rope," to be depressed, to lack a future, to be lonely, to experience failure, to be rejected, to lose loved ones, to break down, to be hurt. I know what it's like to have everything you love completely stripped away from you, to be stuck at nothing- a bleak future with no one to confide in because no one cares. I know what it's like to have a hardship pressing on your heart so badly but your sole confidence couldn't care less, so you have to keep those issues to yourself. This was especially true when my mother had a cancer scare- nobody cared. I knew it. I saw it. It hurt. I was in pain- I'm an only child. How does it feel to continue on in life with perhaps just one parent and no one else very close? But still, nobody cared.

I have experienced all of these things, and yet I am not completely destroyed by them because of my faith in God. The "person" who has been there at the end of my rope, when everything I loved was taken from me, is God. He was there in my depression. He was there when my future was uncertain. He was there when my best friend left me. He was there when I failed for the first time in my life- such a deeply-ingrained failure I will never forget. He was there when I was rejected by someone I thought cared about me. He was there when my grandfather and my friend's brother died. He was there when I felt the stress and pressure were too much for me, and I couldn't take it anymore. He was there every time I was hurt by a human being, when no one else was.

All of those experiences brought me to God- to see his great love for me, for you. To see the miracles he works in the midst of hardships. To see that darkness ends, light begins. To see what matters most in life.

Each event drew me closer- How can I refuse such a loving God? And that wasn't the reason why I became a Christian- we don't become Christians to improve our lives or so that we will be happy all of the time. That's obviously not what my life has been. I became a Christian because I wanted to follow Christ- I didn't want the world. I knew that materialism couldn't satisfy my greatest need. Neither can friends, family, or love. Believe me, I've tried them. They always let you down. And if you find yourself highly contented with either of the above, I can guarantee the feeling will be short-lived. No, I wanted the One thing that would fulfill my empty soul eternally. I wanted to be forgiven of the miserable way I have treated God and my sins- because they are many. I wanted to please God, to call Him for my very own. He has been sufficient.

Being a Christian has been very difficult, as problems don't automatically disappear, but life has become bearable. I can face each day because of God's strength. I understand the purpose of life now. I'm not afraid of my future because He guides it.

And perhaps you feel content right now with all of your stuff. One day you won't though. I can guarantee that. One day, you will be at the end of your rope and come to a point where it's decision time. Will you accept Christ as your deliverer or will you reject His help and go your own way? Don't let yourself get to that point before making a decision; sometimes we don't even have that much time to decide. You never know what's going to happen. Accept the satisfying God who never fails. He's never failed me once- He's always been there in the good and bad times, and He will be there for you too, if you just let Him.

No regrets.