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Saturday, August 19, 2017

No Where to Turn

I recently had an unexpected bump in life, in which a family member of mine was faced with the possible prognosis of cancer. And although I knew that a day like this would eventually come- health problems for me or my family- I never expected it so soon. It was so disturbing to me that my anxiety over the situation wouldn't rest until I'd let my friends know I needed prayer over this. I knew I'd feel much better if only I could be certain that others were praying for me. So I made my request known- with no answer. Initially, upon first request, nobody said they would pray for me.

All that anxiety soon turned to anger. Anger at the fact that my "friends" were obviously not very good ones and I had not ever noticed until then. Anger at the fact that "Christians" are supposed to be trusted, but they can't be relied upon at all. Anger at the fact that I was seemingly all alone. There was nobody to turn to for help. I had a right to be angry, but there was nothing anger could do for me, except to point me in the direction of the one whom I can always turn to- God.

Yes, we all know that we can rely on God, but have you ever been placed in a situation where no one could get you out of it except God? It's only then that you realize who to run to first when hard times come, and it was then that I realized that fact too. It's not your spouse, parents, children, or close friends that you turn to first- it's God. My illustration above explains why you never turn to humanity first. Humans are sinful beings with many failures, and they will inevitably fail you. Why risk failure when you can always be taken care of 100% of the time when you turn to God first? 

I slowly began to realize that nobody else's prayers were necessary, because as a believer, God hears my prayers just fine and can still answer them, despite that I might be the only one praying. It's my faith that matters, not the amount of times a prayer is sent out. I was also drawn to the fact that God is always ready and waiting to hear from us. As the Bible says, He never leaves us or forsakes us. That's a powerful thought, because as human beings, we are disgusting sinners who tend to neglect God regularly, and yet, He's still there ready and waiting. Humans can't lift anyone out of a dire situation, only the power of God can, and we have access to that power just through prayer. God was all I really needed, and still do, and I didn't seem to recognize that until humanity had completely failed me. And in all acutality, it's one of the best things to have happened to me because it taught me that God is my best friend. He will never fail me or pass away like humans do. I can rely on Him no matter what. And because I know that, I've learned not to value human relationships as much as I used to. If a friend comes and leaves, so be it. If my family members were to pass away, I would not be helpless. I still have God, and He is my comforter and helper. My reliance on Him has allowed me to be happier, knowing that if everyone were to forsake me, I still have Him, and that is enough. I would not be sad, because I have Him. 

As humans, we tend to rely on people to get us through the rough times. We expect them to be there for us when something bad happens, and when they are, we tend to rely on them too much, to the point where we forget God and go to Him last. When we learn to rely on God instead of others, we will learn not to be so easily disappointed when they fail us and learn to be truly happy without the presence of friends, as God is the completer of our happiness.