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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Tips to Help You Read Your Bible

Sometimes reading the Bible can be a challenge in the mornings for various reasons. I've found that I just don't feel like getting up. I'm still sleepy and will sleep in as long as possible until I have to get up. Unfortunately this cuts into my Bible reading time. I've found a few ways to ensure my Bible reading doesn't get cut out:

If you wake up early in the morning to spend time with God:

1.) Consider getting ready for the next morning the evening before. If you shower in the mornings, try switching to evening showers.If you spend time ironing, do that the evening before. Spend time prepping your meal to take to work? Do it the night before. Are there items you can't find at the last minute that you need, like your keys? Make sure you place those all in a place where you will easily find them and cut out wasted time looking for lost items. All of these little changes can increase the amount of time you have left to spend in the Word.

2.) Cut out the social media until lunch break. Social media sucks up a lot of time. Answering messages and responding to notifications can cut into a lot of time that could have been spent reading the Bible in the morning. I've found that it takes 15-20 minutes for me to respond to that, which is a large chunk of time when you are getting ready to go to work. Wait to respond to those notifications until after you have read and prayed. Besides, it's nice to look at your phone on lunch break and see that it can't even show you all of the notifications you have!

3.) Get a good night's sleep- If you can't get to bed early due to insomnia or various reasons, take advantage of that and begin your reading right then and there! It's an excellent alternative to worrying about why you can't sleep.

4.) Wake up early- this really goes hand in hand with getting a good night's sleep. You can always wake up earlier to spend time with the Lord.

Do you have any more tips for helping improving your quiet time with the Lord? Post below!

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