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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Five More Questions to Ask in a Relationship
In the last post, I mentioned 10 important questions to ask your significant other. I’ve gathered a few more important ones to add to that list.

11.) Do you like kids/ever want to have any when you are married? – This question gives you a gauge as to if this person feels the exact same way you do. If you do not want a large family or having a child year after year, you really shouldn’t be in a serious relationship with someone who ardently does.

12.) How do you feel about homeschooling/private school/public school?
-  Maybe you’re okay with public school and he or she is not. This is also important. Can a compromise be met? Or will one of you have to cave into the other’s beliefs? This is very important to think about.
13.) How do you feel about debt? At what point is it okay to go into debt? – This will give you an idea if the other person spends inordinate amounts of money just because, spends money they don’t have, or if he or she is practical and only spends what they have.
14.) Do you believe in divorce? – This one will require you to go over different scenarios with your significant other. For instance, perhaps they don’t believe in divorce, but give them a scenario that involves a bad accident that leaves you with the mindset of a five year old for life. How would he or she react to that? What would happen if you were in a house fire, badly burned, and badly disfigured? How would they react? Those are important things to ask.

15.) How do you feel about . . .? The last question I have are questions you need to think about. Do you have a problem with people who smoke or approve of tattoos? Then you should ask them how they feel about those things. Do you disagree about going into bars to do a Bible study, then ask them how they would react to an invite. You want to know just how like-minded this person is and what is a make or a break issue. Some of these questions may not be, and some may. It all depends!

Hopefully these questions have given you an idea on what's important in a spouse and have given
you an idea of how that lines up with where you're going in your relationship.

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