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Monday, February 15, 2016

Parenting Techniques
There's always going to be a debate on parenting techniques and who is doing it right and who is doing it wrong, but there are some things that the world does in regards to parenting that Christians seem to be forgetting is the world's way of parenting, not God's way.

Recently I read a short post about a man who said he would work as much as he possibly could for however long he needed to if it meant letting his kids do whatever they wanted to do in life, ultimately bringing happiness to them, or so he thought. The world applauded him and felt he was doing his kids a service by being a good dad. But is that really being a good dad?

I want to pick apart this idea from a Biblical standpoint. The first thing wrong with this mindset is that the father's life centered around his kids. It was children-focused and not God-focused. We know that we should do all things from a Biblical standpoint as Christians, and the first thing this man did wrong was to center his world around the kids. The father encouraged his children to do as they pleased in life, knowing that dad will provide for them no matter what. This actually encourages an unhealthy character trait called laziness. Laziness is a vice of mine, and I'm sure it's a vice of many others. We shouldn't be tempting our children with such a terrible sin. Laziness should not be fostered. The children will realize that dad will always provide for them and therefore if they wish to work part-time for the rest of their life, they may do so. If they don't wish to work, well dad will still provide anyway. Another reason why this mentality is wrong is that the dad is no longer as involved as he should be when he is so busy working to allow his children to do as they please. An involved dad is a good dad. When dad doesn't have time for his children anymore, because he purposely places himself in that situation, children can get out of hand and take advantage of this. Dads are so important to children. Uninvolved dads are almost as bad as having a non-existent dad. This mentality is really doing a disservice to the child, as the child will never learn what it means to grow from hardships that occur in life because dad shields them from all of it. We know that God allows good things and bad things to happen to us in life to shape us and grow us. God would not be a good father if He let everything go our way. How would we learn to trust in Him? God is our pattern to follow, and if God allows negative things to occur in our life, then shouldn't we pattern off of that and allow our children to learn how to care for themselves too?

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