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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Spiritual Goals for 2016 & Update

I love the beginning of a new year. It reminds me of a fresh start, of a blank slate, of the hope for change, especially spiritually.

I've come to realize that although the world bombards us with bucket lists and materialistic goals, there's something far greater that we should strive for- that of spiritual goals. Going to Europe or climbing Mount Everest are nice things to do, but in the big scheme of things, as Christians, they're not important. God's concerned about what we did for Him, how we lived our life out, and that's why I enjoy creating spiritual goals each year. Spiritual growth is extremely important.

This year's goal is to read the Bible several times over, not because I want to appear super spiritual, rather to spend more time in the Word. It's a funny thing when you start off spending more time in prayer and in The Word, because once you begin doing it, you realize how little an amount of time it feels and really pales in comparison to the amount of time you have left to do whatever for rest of the day. It gradually gets easier to spend time with God, at least when the expected happens in life. Because of this, I've also slowed down my reading to take it all in, and I have learned so much from slowing down in my reading time. For now I am working on consistency in the Word and in prayer time, and once I can maintain both of those things, I will move on to other areas of my life to work on.

I would really encourage you to create a list of spiritual goals for the year and to work on them. It's so rewarding and exciting to work towards a goal! So tell me, what are your spiritual goals for this year?

P.S.- I mentioned how I would put God first in the mornings instead of my phone. I did it for 30 days, and I did mess up several times, but for the most part I stuck to it. It was extremely difficult for me not to look at my phone first thing in the morning, and that difficulty never ceased. It just showed how bad a habit I had. I'm doing much better in Bible reading and prayer though, and I think it is a good thing to continue working on putting God first instead of the phone. I also plan on installing an app to limit my phone usage, which will help me out a lot! Let me know if you tried this challenge out as well and how it impacted you!

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