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Monday, August 31, 2015

Grief Part II

My dog Dakota
I decided to compile a list of ways to help friends and family members through a difficult time. Going through this has really helped me to think about others and my reaction towards those who lost a pet, and I've realized I didn't necessarily understand, so I was unable to empathize or really show compassion. And for that, I am very sorry. And I am grateful that through the loss of my dog, I have the ability to understand why other pet owners feel so sad. I have the ability to realize why it's even more important to pay extra special attention to those who have lost a loved one. And you don't have to go through the loss of anything to be able to utilize these tips. You can become the encourager to others right now without having to experience it!

1.) Pray for your friend/family member and tell them- Don't just say you'll pray. Do it. Pray every day for them. Remind them that you're praying for them. It's one thing for someone to say "Oh, I will pray for you." And it's another thing for them to text, email, call, or message you and say, "I prayed for you today." There's a difference. Give reminders to your friend or family member that you are praying. And when you pray, pray more than just a minute for them. Show you care by praying longer for them.

2.) Send encouraging words along their way. Someone will know you truly care when they receive a card in the mail, an encouraging Bible verse, a sweet note for the day, etc.

3.) Send a gift (completely optional)- It is really nice to know someone took the time to think about you by sending something, it doesn't matter if it doesn't wipe away the pain. It shows you care. Make up your own care package for someone who is grieving. Send them flowers to show you care.

4.) Learn how to respond to those grieving- When someone tells you they lost an animal or a person, don't just go, "Oh." Don't just say, "I'm sorry," and then continue on with your personal life and how horrible your week has been at work. That's really a slap in the face. Never say nothing either, because that hurts too. Acknowledge their pain, but be careful, some people get offended if you say you understand and you have never been through the same type of pain. It doesn't bother me, since it's intended for the best, but it can make others upset.

 When someone tells you sad news like this, tell them you are sorry, you will be praying for them, and tell them if they ever need someone to talk to about it, you will be there for them. Sometimes people who are grieving would like someone to talk to and sometimes they do not, so the best thing to do is let them know you're there whenever they need you.

And that's about it. Let me know about your thoughts below in the comments.

*And thanks everyone for your prayers, I appreciate them-I'm feeling much better!

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