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Friday, June 26, 2015

The Supreme Court Decision & Us As Believers

Everybody's seen the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. And I'm pretty sure most Christians are disappointed. Disappointed is the word I use, because for some odd reason if you don't agree with gay marriage you're considered a prejudiced bigot who hates gays, because you don't tolerate sin. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I don't hate gay people, I just disagree with their lifestyle. The same could be said of parents with teenage children who are off living lifestyles filled with drugs and alcohol. You wouldn't approve of their choices that are harming themselves, but at the same time you don't hate them. That's the same way I feel about this. But I'm not here to address the non-believers though, because they don't conform to Biblical standards, and it makes sense that they would affirm gay marriage. I'm here to address the believers in Christ, or those who call themselves believers, because  we are the ones who should be ashamed that this ruling occurred. The ruling announced today was exactly what we deserved. I know we're told to speak the truth in love, but sometimes the truth hurts. And so today, I'm not going to sugar-coat anything, because it's a shameful day when we as Christians have failed God and our country, for allowing the acceptance of gay marriage. It's the fault of the believers. How is it our fault? We weren't for gay marriage you say?

Think about this- how many times did you pray to God about the gay marriage decision? Did you pray for 10 seconds every day maybe? Or a minute? Did you spend the rest of your prayers on yourself and Johnny who has a broken arm and Susie who has a cold? Or maybe you remembered to pray for others, but forgot about praying for your country. Because I know I  did, and I know most people pray like I do for our country, and in that sense we got what we deserved. Why would God answer us when we can't even take the time to get on our knees in earnest prayer, pleading with God to change the hearts of our Supreme Court Justices? We can't take things seriously. We're so focused on ourselves and our needs that we completely forgot about our country as whole.

Not only that, it's the whole redefinition of Christianity; "I can do whatever I want, because I have liberty." It's disgusting. We went from saying "No" to alcohol to now having Bible studies in bars. To saying, "Hey, it's okay to drink as long as I don't get drunk. I want to be like the world and do what they do, without crossing the line." You forgot about how your actions can cause a former alcoholic to stumble (Romans 14:13-23). You forgot that God says he hates anything that alters the mind. And how will you know your limit until you've tried some? Speaking of altering minds, when did doing drugs become acceptable? Now medicinal marijuana is okay, but you would've never have said so decades ago. But of course, we want anything to ease our pain in life, so we will compromise. And we want to fit in, so we accept things little by little. We are even okay with tattoos now, because hey, they look cool, why not? But why did God say no to them in the Old Testament (Leviticus 19:28)? Have you thought about that? What about the way we dress? Somehow it's only provocative and inappropriate for young women who call themselves Christians to show cleavage, but short shorts and dresses with open backs and lots of skin are acceptable. So now we all look like the world, except we don't show that one bit of skin we shouldn't. If it's okay to show all that skin, how come the priests had to cover up their thighs in Exodus 28:42? And they were men! Not only do we look and act like the world, we accept all the Hollywood movies they embrace.

So we've come to accept all these things that God is not for, and we've gotten what we deserved. You want to act like the world, you'll get the world. If you want to act like a non-Christian then just stop playing the game and pretending and trying to get other Christians to tolerate sin. Just put on the real self and go off and do whatever you want, because you cannot serve God and Satan at the same time. Choose one or the other and act accordingly. You can't drink, smoke, do drugs and then go to church on Sunday really believing you're pleasing to God. Because you're not. God spoke of you in Malachi, when He said that these people do everything they're supposed to concerning sacrifices but then they go off and commit unspeakable sins. They were disgusting to Him, and so is Christianity today.

Let's get serious. This is why the non-believers tolerate gay marriage and embrace it, because we haven't even stood for anything to make them think differently. We don't stand out anymore. We look like them, but just have a few wacky morals like purity, and then throw out all the rest of the things God says we shouldn't do. Maybe if Christians didn't look so much like the world, we wouldn't have this problem. Maybe if Christians would've stood up, would've prayed, would've been in God's Word more, we wouldn't have this problem. So don't go blaming it on the gay rights advocates. It's just as much the Christian's fault as it is the unbelievers. We've only got ourselves to blame. We're in deep trouble. Oh yes, non-believers are in fear of God's wrath, but we should be in fear too, because we know better, and yet we look no different.

1 Peter 4:17- For it is time for judgment to begin at the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the Gospel of God.

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