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Monday, April 6, 2015

The Results of 30 Days of 30 Minutes of Prayer

After the 30 days of prayer, I was really excited to see just how many prayers God had answered within the month. Some of them were really impossible situations that I was placed in that God got me out of. The results were uplifting and allowed me to better trust in God for whatever is going on in my life.

The best thing about one of the answers to prayer was that I had been praying for something since last October with no results; of course, I'd been praying about it a few minutes a day, what'd I expect? So by mid-March I received an answer to that situation- a good answer. This really showed me the importance of the quantity of time. Quality of time in prayer is good, but if I'm praying for two minutes a day about something very important, how is that quality time? Does it really mean that much to me if I barely spend any time praying about it? We would never tell dads that 5 minutes with their children after work is quality time, even if they had a good 5 minute conversation. We would never pat a dad on the back for that. We'd be appalled if he chose to spend a few minutes of his time with his kids on a daily basis.  Quantity is just as important as quality; in fact, they both go hand in hand. You cannot have quality time with God if you are only spending a few minutes of your day with Him.

Because of praying for an extended amount of time longer than I was normally used to, praying for extended periods of time is easier for me to do on my own. It isn't as hard as it was at the beginning. I began to form a good habit! Now granted, it didn't make me able to effortlessly spend 30 minutes a day after that, but it wasn't as hard to pray for a long time as it used to be.

So what were the results like for you? Post in the comments below!

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