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Friday, March 20, 2015

No Regrets

Have you ever regretted something you didn't do in life? Some path you never chose? In college I majored in English, something I had prayed about and felt led to major in- I didn't take my career choice picking lightly. I knew that whatever I chose would be what I would end up doing for quite some time- it would be what I did for most of my life even. I enjoyed English, writing, and literature, and I still do, but towards the end of my degree I started realizing I was drawn to the medical field, anything and everything about it fascinated me. I wanted to learn as much as I could about how the body worked, surgery, etc. I absolutely loved it. And at the same time I knew I could never be a doctor- that wasn't my calling. Neither was being a nurse. But as I became more and more aware of my enjoyment with the medical field, I began to doubt. I doubted if I had actually been sure that God had shown me that English was the right field. I wondered if perhaps I had mistaken my calling. Surely medicine was it? But it was too late. I had finished with a degree in English, and there was no turning back.

One day while I was at a library book sale, I stumbled upon a book on genetics, a topic I love to read about, and I immediately picked it up, feeling waves of regret over not majoring in that field. As I looked at it and inwardly sighed, a woman beside me asked me if I was majoring in Genetics, and I said "no" and explained that I had majored in English, but I'd always loved the medical field and wanted to get a degree in it. Nothing in my voice denoted that I was sorrowful or regretful, yet right away she continued on and said her daughter had majored in Genetics and went on to work in D.C. She went on to say that her daughter regretted it and so did she. The woman told me it was a terrible environment to work in and that I was fortunate I had not majored in it. I was stunned. It's as if she had read my mind. It's as if God had placed her in my path to make me realize that I hadn't made a false move. I had done as God had asked, and I shouldn't have any regrets.

Sometimes the "passions" we have in life are not Godly passions, meaning they're not necessarily bad in and of themselves, but they're not God-given either. God wants us to follow His will. Do I regret not getting a degree in the medical field still? No. Not anymore. That's not the path God wanted me to take. It's great to learn about it, but I don't want to fuel a desire that isn't God-given. I want to quench it. Over the years I've realized that the degree I majored in was God's best for me. I love what I majored in, and I'm glad that's what I got my degree in. Through various circumstances such as the aforementioned, God has revealed to me why He didn't allow me to receive a degree in the medical field, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate God's intervention in my life to show me that what I initially thought I wanted wasn't best.

Are you having any regrets? Take heart in knowing that God knows best.

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