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Friday, May 2, 2014

Where are the Christians?

The new trend these days is Random Acts of Kindness- spreading kindness to others in the hopes that it comes back to you- aka Karma. That's how the world perceives it at least. Just google the word or the acronym RAK and you will find a website dedicated to it, blogposts, and youtube videos about it as well. It's the latest and greatest trend.

The problem with this new trend is not necessarily the fact that its roots are based off of Karma, because we all expect that out of an unbeliever, it's the fact that it seems this trend is done 99% of the time by unbelievers. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but if you go to youtube and look at all the Random Acts of Kindness videos, not many will say they give because of Christ.

So where are the believers? I mean, if you and I call ourselves Christians, why didn't we start this trend? Why didn't we jump on the bandwagon and turn it into Christ-centered acts of kindness. Aren't believers the ones who are supposed to be kind at all times, especially when others are mean, but also when all is at peace? Why is it that non-believers are taking credit for these nice gestures and called the "good people" of the world? What happened to the Christians being the "good people" (good in the sense of the world's goodness, not the Bible's) of the world? Why are we being replaced by those who should not even be thinking about being kind for no good reason?

I recently came across a Youtube video that was trending in popularity of a young man videoing himself giving away $1000 to a homeless man. This homeless man was so moved by this unbeliever's gesture that he cried and said nobody had ever treated him kindly like this young man had done. At that point I was upset. Why? Not because the young man was generating applause for himself by videotaping this act, rather I was upset that the homeless man had been sitting out there for weeks and no Christian took notice of him, rather an unbeliever did. No Christian had ever showed love to him, and that's wrong. We are NOT doing our job as Christians! It's time to wake up and realize that unbelievers are taking over our jobs, because we are too greedy, lazy, or selfish to do it.

So I bring a challenge to everyone reading, this month either give more of your money or time to others OR perform a random act of kindness for no other reason than that God has blessed you and you want to share to others about His love for us. Random acts of kindness can be used to present the gospel as well. Hand a tract with your gift to let them know why you are doing this, not because of karma, but because of God's great love for us!