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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Common Sayings That are Not Acceptable

I wanted to write a list of "pet peeves" that aren't so much "pet peeves" rather than incorrect Doctrine being tossed around and over and over.

1.) Have you seen ____________ movie? - Movies are fine and good, if they're appropriate. Why are CHRISTIANS asking other Christians if they've seen a movie with nudity, sexual content, or cussing in it? They know better of all people. And I need to get this out- Les Miserables is not appropriate to be watching folks! You cannot justify the prostitution scene by saying, "Well, it showed how horrible sin was!" Does that mean we should go down to Vegas and see their shows to recognize how horrible sin is? Or how about going to an adult entertainment center to see how horrible sin is- is that acceptable? You would say "NO!" of course! Then how much more inappropriate content in a movie? Let's be mindful of what we watch. If you want to watch those movies, then please don't talk about it amongst other Christians.

2.) "I made this decision because I wanted to/I like  . . ."  - Does the Holy Spirit not work today? Is He broken and unusable? Why on earth would you make a big decision without involving God's direction? Yes, it's tempting to do what we want, but aren't you scared about the consequences? What if that happily ever after marriage you dreamed of is ruined because you never consulted God? What if you lose that job you got because the Lord was against you working there and you insisted on having your way? Christians don't live for themselves anymore. They live for God, and in every big decision they make- God needs to be in it. So please do not say you decided to become a lawyer because you wanted to. You will have plenty of trouble down the road if you base all your decisions on your own feelings and likes. Don't say that you are going into the ministry because you think it's a "neat" idea. The only ones are supposed to be in the ministry are the ones who are called. If you aren't called your teaching and preaching will be flavorless. You won't have that anointing of the Holy Spirit. And believe me, nobody wants anymore boring preachers!

3.) "Marrying ___________ was the happiest day of my life . . ." - I guess you are a Christian who never received the Lord? Shouldn't our salvation day be the happiest day of our lives? We've got our priorities all mixed up if the person of our dreams is the only thing that can make us happy. What happens when we become widows/widowers? What happens when he/she fails you or hurts you deeply? Take a step back, and remember who our greatest joy is- our great God!

4.) "You can't say he/she is not a Christian!" - So if Johnnie wants to do drugs and call himself a Christian we can't say otherwise, despite the fact that there is no fruit? Or what about Mary who made a profession of faith at seven and then falls into prostitution as a teenager- she is still a Christian? No way. You cannot associate any of those words with a Christian. You will know them by their fruits is what the Bible says. If they aren't bearing fruit, you have every legitimate reason to doubt their salvation. And what, if because you are so concerned for their soul, you lead them to repentance by telling them bluntly that one cannot be a Christian and continue in sin? Imagine how many other friends and family members are fooling them into thinking they are on their way to heaven just because of a prayer they prayed at seven. Be the mature Christian, confront them, and pray for them. And if they never turn from their sin, be relieved that they died knowing they were not saved and willingly refused to accept Christ, instead of falling into the pit of hell unexpectedly and surprisingly- not realizing everyone had fooled them their entire life!

5.) "You have to say things in love . . ." - How come pastors can tell the truth bluntly and call sin sin? Are pastor's that much higher and holier than us that we can only let them do the confronting? Why is it that in order to confront Johnnie about his sin, I have to beat around the bush, tell him I am a sinner too, then explain that God still loves him but . . . . Isn't the fact that we are pointing out the sin in order for them to turn back to God showing love? Only a person who cares for another person will have the guts to confront sin, because they don't want that person to fall away. Saying the truth will hurt- that doesn't make it done out of meanness and hate. And yeah, the truth is harsh too at times, but Jesus never shied away from telling the Pharisees they were hypocrites, so we shouldn't shy away from confronting sin, as long as we are not in that sin as well.

6.) "Christian girls shouldn't expect to marry Adoniram Judson or Hudson Taylor- they need to be realistic and set standards accordingly" - So are you saying that the high standards I have are so unattainable, no man on earth can reach that and therefore I should lower them? What if I lower my standards to some disheveled young man who says he is a Christian, yet doesn't live like it. That's okay, as long as he calls himself a Christian? So the young man shouldn't be attaining a deeper spiritual walk because nobody does that these days? Really? The spiritual walk of a young man should be at the top of a young woman's list, after salvation. If he is not desiring to grow, then he should not even be considered. How about young women stop saying they can't court so-and-so because he doesn't have the same interests as them or he isn't handsome? Those are standards that should be lifted- not the spirituality of the young man.

7.) "I went 100/ _______ mph tonight!" We do not have the Audubon in the United States . . . and the highest mph you can go legally is in Texas, and that is 85 mph. So why are we boasting about breaking the laws? I understand nobody likes speed limits. I don't either, but that's beside the point. We are told to obey the laws set by the government. Shouldn't we be ashamed that we broke the law? And yes, at one point I actually thought it was okay to speed 5mph over the posted speed limit. Isn't that silly? But then I realized I was wrong, and it sure took a long time to accept that the posted speed limit was what I had to maintain. I still struggle with maintaining the speed limit, but let's not boast about committing a sin!

8.) "Don't Judge" - I saved the worst for the last. This one really crawls under my skin, because Christ told us to judge other believers except if we are committing the same sin or doing it in a mean and unkind way. How else will we be held accountable for the sins in our life? I don't know about you, but as a believer, I really would like people to point out my sin. Oh yes, I will be hurt and perhaps upset about being told that, but in the end, it's better to know than to continue on in sin never realizing I was in the wrong!

Please know that I am in no way saying I am perfect. I can tell you many times that I have be in the wrong for certain things I listed, and later realizing I needed to work on those issues. This is just to help remind fellow believers that our conduct affects our outward appearance to the world. Will they see Christ in me when I do these things?

Where's points 9 & 10? Well, you answer that and post in the comments below what are two of your "spiritual pet peeves."