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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Filling in the Gap

I've been meaning to blog about this for a month, and now I am finally sitting down to write down my thoughts about the saddening problem of the youth and young adults leaving the church in copious amounts. In some statistics, I've heard 80% of young adults leave the church after high school. That's a HUGE number. I never really thought about it until I realized it's happening in my community too as we speak.

A couple months ago I went to a community prayer breakfast and was shocked to see the large turnout of elderly folks and NO turnout for the young folks. In a group of about 50-60 people I was the only young adult, besides the young lady who was with the guest speaker. I couldn't believe it. No youth, no young adults, no 30-somethings, possibly 40-somethings, but mostly 50+. This wasn't an isolated event either. I recently went to a missions conference and was shocked at the same age gap between older folks and elementary children- nothing in between, besides parents of the children.Many of the churches I have attended have very few young adults attending services. Even my own church maintains a very low percentage of young adults. Only one other person at my church is a young adult. Most are over 50. Now there's nothing wrong with older folks participating in these events, what's wrong is "Where are the young adults?" These people are aging quickly. Most of the faithful older Christians will be gone within one to two decades. What happens after that? I continue to think of that question. It's a scary thought, to realize there is no one to fill in the gap. Christianity is declining among young people. That troubles me. What will become of the Church? I believe this question troubles many others as well. The one young lady at the prayer breakfast I talked to said to me, "Finally- a young person!" This girl travels around a lot with the main speaker; it was a breath of fresh air just to see a young adult, instead of older folks. Even older folks I've met talked about how despairing it is to see so little young adults in attendance for church-related events. It's sad. Because of this, I have been prompted to go out and participate in those things that edify the body. We who are young need to stand in the gap and be more involved in serving the Lord and the body of Christ. Don't skip out on church events because you have to do school work. Since when is school more important than Christ? God comes first, everything else second. Don't skip out on those "boring" prayer meetings your church has. Pray for God's Spirit to move within your heart so they don't seem boring anymore. When you are asked to participate in an evangelism event, GO. When you are invited to be refreshed by a Godly guest speaker, GO. Don't be a typical "Christian" and stay in your comfort zone, watching movies, playing video games, living the good life, making money, while your life slips away and you do NOTHING of value for Christ. There's nothing wrong with making money, or some of those other things, but when they take precedence over the Savior and when they become the only things you do in life, your life is worth nothing. Let's fill in the gap.