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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Follow-Up on 3 Months With the King

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned my commitment to "3 months with the King," a time where I was supposed to seek out the Lord, instead of marriage. I wanted to follow-up with the after effects of my commitment, as it was over several weeks ago. Three months without thinking about the topic of marriage was tough! And I had absolutely no clue that three months was a quarter of the year, so I'm very surprised I stuck to it. A couple tactics I employed was not allowing myself to watch, read, or listen to anything that would stir up those feelings about marriage. That was tough as well, but ironically, when I finished my three months, I could listen, read, or watch those things without having those feelings stirred up inside of me. Instead, my thoughts directed of how I felt about the Lord rather than wishing something were happening to me. I was quite pleased with the results. I had also mentioned that I committed myself to giving up my desire of marriage for a quarter of the year. That had an interesting effect in the end as well! By the time the three months were over with, I was ready to ask about that marriage business! That was no surprise, but what came as a surprise was the fact that after that first day, I seemed to forget about praying for marriage. I had been so drawn into that mindset of "No you cannot until this is over with!" that I just assumed that same mindset after my three months were over with. Another lesson I learned during my three months was the fact that even though I had a difficult time laying aside the flesh, God was showing me that I was placing Him as the most important thing in life and laying aside the idol I had held in first place for so long. At one point I can remember being discouraged, thinking that this idea wasn't helping me lay aside the idol of marriage. That is when I realized how I had laid aside my idol in order to place God first, even though I didn't feel like I was accomplishing anything, I truly was by my commitment not to ask for marriage. It's great to hear God's voice in those moments when everything seems to go wrong, just to know that He sees something different within us!

With that being said, there are still going to be those tough times concerning singleness. And even during those times, I see the Lord encouraging me. This was especially true just recently when a dear friend sent me the link to this radio series on singleness by David Jeremiah. She had no clue about my situation, but her thoughtfulness was so timely, I was sure the Lord had placed it on her heart to think of me and send me the link. God is so good to work through those around us to encourage us! It was a direct blessing to me, an encouragement to use this time for ministry to the Lord, to draw closer to Him, to love Him even more than ever before. I want to use this time of singleness, or opportunity, to say that I spent my time wisely like God would want, serving Him to the utmost of my ability, to the maximum capacity. With that being said, I would encourage you to click on the link and listen to the two-part series on singleness. The Lonely Single May it bless you as it has blessed me!