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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Newfound Joy

About a month ago or so I had been very discouraged about the work at the Center. Sometimes it is so hard to see the good that we, as the Center, are doing in the lives of the community. Yes, we help those who need free services, but that is not the greatest need of the women there. Their greatest need is Christ. So there I was, very discouraged that as I tried to communicate with clients, I noticed their hearts were closed to spiritual things. It was quite frustrating. I felt like there was absolutely no one whose lives we were eternally impacting. I knew that I was wrong about that. I knew God would prove me wrong in due time, but I got caught up in the feeling of discouragement. Little did I know though, God was truly working in the life of someone who would end up at our center. Now as the work that goes on there with clients is confidential, I can’t give out names or specifics. I have to be very basic and generic when I speak about this incident.

I had watched a client come into our center, go through the same things every client goes through, pregnancy test, parenting classes weekly, ultrasounds, etc. This client came in though with an interest in knowing God. She didn’t fully understand about salvation, but her heart was tender. So a few times after she kept coming in, one of the volunteers was able to talk to her and explain the Gospel so she would understand what salvation really is. This talk was not some two-minute, “You are saved for praying a prayer!” kind of talk. No, it was good and long. I have no clue how long the woman had been in there for, but during that time, she was saved. This to me was a genuine conversion. God had planted a seed in that woman’s heart and allowed our center to water it. I was thrilled, hoping my intuition was right at this recent convert. And I believe it was as I have watched her come in and have been able to see her change. She is growing in Christ and being discipled right there at the Center. As I watch this event unfolding, it is so sweet and sacred. The love of Christ to us is the dearest and most beautiful love known to mankind. And this woman gets a taste of what we have! What a joy! Think about how radically her life has been altered- this child growing in her belly is a child that will grow up knowing who Christ is, and hopefully through the mother’s example will also come to the knowledge of Christ. You see what an amazing event is taking place? 2nd generation Christians. That is what is in the making. One life impacted can spread very quickly, just like a fire. I look forward to seeing this young woman grow in Christ and lead her child in the the way of the Lord. I thank God that He is giving this unborn life hope to one day know Him and that He saved this woman for eternity. I am also thanking God for encouraging me when I was discouraged. If she is the last person to ever get saved at the Center, I will know that our work wasn’t in vain because at least we, through God, were able to impact one life.