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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Always More of the Lord's Goodness

God is always working in my life when I don't know it, and this time, He did it again, as He always does. And I'm excited to tell you about the next development in my life!

First of all, I must start off thanking and praising the Lord for even being in my life. Isn't it astounding when you can see God's hand throughout each step in your life? I'm always amazed with my God,that He would even choose to work in my life, not understanding why He chooses to do so. I'm humbled, and I'm grateful for His goodness to me, even though I don't deserve it.

My last big step in life was becoming a teacher to homeschoolers,which I am and will continue to be in the fall. In the fall, I'll be teaching four classes, and I'm very excited about that event as well! God has also led me in a different direction that took me by surprise! When I took on a job to teach, I had intended to get a summer job, hoping that in the Fall I could keep a part-time job alongside my teaching job. It was all "hoping" though. I started applying for jobs in February, hoping by the time the semester finished out, I'd have another job waiting for me. As the months past, I became bothered that nothing had turned out! A couple of weeks ago I was rethinking about how I had gone about applying for jobs. I realized I had done it all wrong, once again, as usual. I went about it without praying first. Yes, I've done this many times before as you can probably see from my previous old posts. I know, I need to quit doing that. I should know by now that God's way is best. I'm pretty much like the children of Israel in the wilderness though, always forgetting how good it is to follow God rather than myself. So once again, I was reminded that I needed to pray about this instead of hastily applying for anything. So I prayed for God to send the right job along and to forgive me for hastily applying for any job without asking Him if it was best first. A couple days later, the director where I volunteer at asked me to come in and talk with her. I had no clue what she would be talking to me about. Then I found out she was offering me a job there at the Center for Pregnancy! As she started telling me about the hours, I knew this was the job God had intended for me all along. She told me that I'd probably have a large amount of hours in the summer and short ones in the fall. That was exactly the kind of hours I needed to coincide with the summer break and beginning of the semester in the fall with the students! Not only was that a blessing but also the flexibility of being able to schedule work around my teaching. You see, my schedule is so odd, I probably would not have been able to find a job that fit with my teaching and volunteering schedule. This was indeed a blessing from God! Everything just seemed right, like God had intended for this to occur all along. I found it amazing how God had had me in mind this whole time, knowing that I had hoped for another job to start up in the summer. Thinking about it makes me laugh, when I remember in the beginning when I was applying for jobs, I said to myself "God has always done things at the last minute for me. He'll probably give me a job right when I need it, and only when I need it." And my thinking was spot on, since I finish the teaching semester at the beginning of May. I'll be starting my job, Lord willing, the last week of April. Isn't it wonderful how God works things out? Right now, I'm relishing in all that the Lord's been doing. I love to think about how God had His hand in this situation since the beginning of my volunteer work, six months ago. I love to be reminded how intricately devoted and involved He is in our lives, how He takes the time to be involved. I love to know that He had already answered my prayer before I even asked.

Before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear.
(Isa 65:24 ESV)

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  1. That's so amazing!
    Especially! Because I just had a similar experience... :D I haven't actually gotten the job yet (I just sent in the application this morning), but I'll have to tell you about it later. :)
    Thanks for sharing. :)