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Monday, March 7, 2011

A Character That Outshines All Others

As I had stated in my last post, the Lord revealed some other things to me while I was there in counseling training. Since it is a totally different topic, I decided to devote a whole post about the character of a Godly man. So what in the world does that have to do with counseling training? A lot! Most people think that a pregnancy crisis center is for women alone, but we tend to forget the women who come in have a partner, whether it be their husband or boyfriend. Not only do the young women need to be ministered to but so do their partners. Most of the time the partners are young men who sit in the classes with their girlfriend or wife. I’m sure it can be quite awkward for them, especially since there is no program specifically designed for them- no men acting in as mentors to these fathers-to-be either. There is a dire need for men to step out and volunteer at pregnancy centers. The volunteer training this past weekend included training for the new volunteers of the new pregnancy center opening up in the city nearby. As I looked across the room and recognized our volunteers and scanned over the volunteers for the other center, my attention was directed towards the young men in the room. Yes, I did say YOUNG men. Not only were they in the room on a Saturday morning spending their time training to counsel, they were there the ENTIRE day for training, which lasted about 8 hours. This act of kindness stood out to me and struck me as one of the most important characteristics a young man should have, at least one of the tops ones. I couldn’t help but think this is so unlike the character of young men today, what has prompted this act of kindness? When we think of the word “volunteer” we always think that’s the woman’s job. Most of the time volunteers are women, especially at a crisis pregnancy center. So what made this more impressive was that these young men were wanting to help out in this vicinity of volunteer work. To me, it showed the true nature and character of their hearts. It was apparent they had a servant’s heart, one that was willing to give up a Saturday and even a part of their week every week to help out the center for pregnancy. So let me say this, I’m not easily impressed, but this impressed me. Their character, which most definitely mirrored a character of a servant of the Lord, was impressive and commendable- highly commendable. So why is this such a jaw-dropping impressive feat to me? Well for one, most young men are absorbed in their own pleasures and enjoyments. Even if a young man does volunteer, it’s doing what he wants to do, not anything outside of his comfort zone. Young men also tend to have a terrible problem with foolishness and being non-sensible. I have noticed that trend. Young men seem to think that they’ll impress girls with their lack of sensibility and dare devil feats, but really they’re just casting themselves in the worse light possible. A young woman wants a man that will lead with wisdom and make wise and unselfish choices. Doing dangerous feats is very unimpressive to me personally. When I hear about the foolish things young men do I think Wow that is so silly, something a child would be doing. When are they going to grow up? This is why an act of generosity goes a long way. We live in a culture where young men are trained to be children for as long as they want to be and act like children, when they should be developing Godly traits of a man in their teens. So take note young men. If you want to impress a girl, develop those Godly character traits of sensibility and compassion, for those are some of the most impressive and delightful character traits around!

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