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Friday, November 12, 2010

"Be Fruitful and Multiply" Part 2

Although I have dispelled the validity of Gen. 1:22 in accordance when having as many children as possible, there is usually another interpretation of that verse that is more extensive than just having lots of children. The second interpretation of that verse is usually used as the standard for having as many children as possible, not just many, as many as can physically be produced. It seems like lots of mothers feel obligated to have as many as they physically can have. Where is the stopping point to this idea? I’ve observed many mothers of big families who agree with that rule, and I’d like to discuss what I’ve learned from my observation. In some families, I’ve noticed that the mothers are tired and worn out. They continue to keep having children because they feel obligated to do so. They feel having as many children possible is having as many as the Lord wants. When a mother continues to have offspring, even though she is tired and weary from keeping up with the other children, how will she be an effective mother to all of her children? How does this spiritually enable her? When she continues to have child after child, unable to keep up with her duties, how does she even find time for quiet time with her own Creator? Will she be as effective as a mother if she can’t even maintain a relationship with the Lord? The answer is no, to all of them. It appears that the mother has maintained this unwritten law of producing as many children as possible, and she will do whatever it takes to maintain that, even sacrificing God as her number one priority, be it unintentional. The Bible says that God is a jealous God; He is jealous for us. If He wants our devotion, I don’t think wearying oneself to such an extent where God is on the backburner honors Him. I think worn out mothers are detrimental to a family. Now I know being a mother is hard, as I have heard it is. I know some mothers are worn out just by having two or three children, and some are worn out after six. It varies from mother to mother. Would you say that these women are in the wrong for limiting their family to two or three children in order to run the home effectively and continue to place God as their number one priority? Never! I feel that the woman’s ultimate duty is to her Heavenly Father, and in order to better serve Him, she must be able to run her household effectively. I am not advocating the use of contraceptives either when I say this either.

When the mother is unfit to bear children, healthwise, should she continue on having more children? I think not. I once heard a story about a family of fourteen children. The last few children had been very difficult pregnancies for the mother, but her husband wanted just one more. So she agreed to it, and she died during childbirth because it was too much on her body. Is it wise to continue having children knowing that they might become motherless when that is unnecessary? I think there are certain lines that shouldn’t be crossed concerning having as many as the Lord wills. I don’t feel God wants us to exhaust ourselves with as many children as we possibly can have. So what do I think?

I feel that physically having as many children as possible is not having as many as God wants us to. For one, I feel that if that were mandated for everyone nobody would have small families. All families would be massive, and it would imply that having small families is wrong. There is nothing wrong with having a small family; in fact, there were several families in the Bible that had few children. Jephthah had one child; Hosea had three children. Those were families where the Bible did not specifically mention they had a hard time bearing any children. Second of all, I believe that having as many children as God wants entails how many children the husband and wife are able to provide for effectively, mostly spiritually. I must admit, I don’t believe having children when there isn’t enough money (and no, I don’t mean saving up for college) is wise. I can remember a family who once wanted six children, but they stopped after three because there just wasn’t enough money to provide for all of them. They were already below poverty level, barely able to feed their family and pay the bills. It would not have been wise to allow the children to go hungry, bills unpaid, all because they felt another child was necessary. If a mother feels she would not be able to effectively care for more than the two children she has, I feel that is her God-given instinct that that is how many He wants her to have for the time being. All that to sum up my thoughts. I do not intend this post to offend anyone whatsoever, nor am I trying to condemn anyone. All comments and questions are very welcome. Please enlighten me with your opinions of this subject! If necessary, I will provide more in-depth detailed posts on the thoughts aforementioned as well .

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