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Friday, October 8, 2010

God's Working Within my Life

The Lord has been doing some very exciting things in my life lately that I would like to share! The best place to start is at the beginning- a few years ago! Several years ago when I was on the verge of ending high school and going to college, I realized that I had come to a major crossroad in my life. I needed to decide what I my major would be. I was very concerned about what my major would be as that can be a very defining point in one’s life. So this was a critical question that needed to be answered very soon. I knew that I enjoyed literature and English class, so I decided to pray about majoring in English. I earnestly prayed and fasted for this particular matter. I continuously prayed that God would allow me to know for sure that majoring in English would be in accordance with HIS will and not my own. A few weeks later, my mom was talking to the director of a homeschool school, to borrow the colloquialism, who informed my mom that she would be willing to hire me once I received my degree in English. I was thrilled! I felt this was a sure sign from the Lord that I was moving in accordance with His will, as finding a job with such a limited major as English would be very difficult. So with that promise, that I knew it was of God and that He would provide, I went off to college sure of myself, unlike most young students. Throughout my entire college career, I never had one doubt about my major. I never felt confused, wondering if I’d done the right thing.

Once I finished my degree, I expected finding a job to be VERY difficult, even knowing that the promised job a few years earlier might not turn out at all. I sent my resume there anyway, only to be dismayed at the rejection, as the teaching positions were full with no openings. I kept sending in my resume to other places, with no leads. Nobody was hiring at all. It was too late in the year to hire a teacher, but I had graduated kind of late and I specifically felt led not to look for jobs until around the beginning of August. I had maintained to that standard only to be discouraged from the lack of job openings. Instantly I became confused. I wondered if I had majored in the right field. What was God’s purpose in having me major in English if nothing was to come from it? I became doubtful and discouraged as months passed and earnest prayer seemed to be unheard. I never knew job hunting would be so difficult! Once again I earnestly prayed and fasted, as I knew that when I would fast, God always answered my prayers. I expected him to answer right away, but from experience I know that God works differently from anything we can expect or imagine. God hadn’t been ignoring me or forgetting me; He had heard, He was just working in HIS time. About one week later, I received a phone call from someone interested in interviewing me. I was excited and nervous, as I was unsure if this was ordained by God. So right before I called her back to set up an interview I prayed that God would close the door if this was NOT His will. I called the lady back and ended up finding out the job was too far away from me; it was not worth it to commute, nor is commuting an option for me. I ended up declining the interview. I was very discouraged about it, but at peace, knowing I’d done the right thing. Once again, exactly one week later, I received an e-mail from someone in the area concerning a teaching opportunity. It had taken her about one month to reply as my e-mail had been in her junk mail. How she retrieved it, I only know that it must have been of God. I responded and we set up an appointment to meet. It went very well, and she asked if I would like to train to become a teacher. This was definitely an answer to all my prayers and the fulfillment of the promise I felt God had given to me a few years earlier. He had been saving this beautiful opportunity just for me! The fulfillment of the promise of a homeschool school in a Christian setting as a teacher fit this new job opportunity to a tee! It was so amazing to see that God had closed doors to open something even better! The impossibilities of even becoming a teacher without any prior experience is phenomenal. What’s even more mind boggling is being able to teach homeschoolers in a Christian setting, as there aren’t too many places that hire. So far I don’t have a job since I’m training, but Lord willing I will in January, as a teacher.

Everything worked out in God’s timing. Even though it took a few months, I wouldn’t have it any other way. God’s ways and timing are best, and I love to see how He works in my life. I do know He ordains every intricate detail and is so involved in every detail of my life and yours. He loves us so much that He chooses to know us in a personal way. I thank God, for being my God!


  1. Exciting news, Ashlea! It's really an amazing thing to see how God answers prayers and how He works things out in our lives for His glory. I know I've been able to see many things in my own life lately that can only be attributed to God and His amazing love for me! God blessings in your new job! :)

  2. It's good to hear how God is working in the lives of those around us. God is good! It's exciting to hear what He's doing in your life. What a great opportunity!

  3. Thanks!I heard you have some exciting news too :D I'm praying for you and Anna as you seek God out in this new time of your lives :) :D

  4. WOW! It's so exciting to see how God has worked in this situation! This is certainly an encouraging example of what can happen when we wait on God's timing.

    Oh, btw, like the new background. :)

    Love ya!

  5. Congratulations! That's really exciting!