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Friday, August 6, 2010

Resting in the Lord

It seems as the older I get, the more questions I get concerning my relationship status. I am usually taken aback at first, because I am not expecting the question. I know though that as I get older it’s expected, and sometimes I feel sorry that I have to repeat the same old answer, “No not at this moment.” I feel like I’ve said that for a few decades, total exaggeration, but sometimes I’d just like to be able to say “Yes,” just to feel comfortable and “normal” per se. I have to admit that the only reason I want to say “Yes” would be only for the benefit of others, to fit in and not worry about what others think. In all honesty, I am pretty much content with being single, but I find others are not satisfied for me. As I listened to this song the other night, I thought what kind of love from a human being could match the love of God? Indeed I’d rather have my God by my side over the conditional love of a human being.

Hello sunshine it's been too long
since I felt your beautiful warmth upon my face
And how much have I missed
'Cause I've been focused on everything wrong
This road just felt so long
I forgot to lift my head to see you

Oh my lovely shining for me
Let my eyes see all the beauty

Hello sunshine since the moment
That I felt your beautiful warmth
I knew that I'd do anything
To keep this feeling of you
My heart comes alive
Oh who could add a day to this life
By drowning every dark sky

Oh my lovely shining for me
Let my eyes see all the beauty

Fill my dark skies
Make me see the light
Life is fine so bring in the sunshine
`~Barlow Girl
Indeed I’d been focusing on everything wrong, and instead of focusing on the relationship I have with my Lord, I missed out on His surpassing greatness. Once I remembered my Saviour’s love I was overwhelmed and felt just like the song said. How can I ever be unhappy with my Saviour by my side?

Tonight the stars are dancing
To the songs the angels sing
I hear You whisper on the breeze
And every sound echoes the rhythm
Of your heart as I begin to fade
Into this lovely night
I’m alive

Cause our worlds collide
I’m lost in time
Heaven kisses me tonight
Your heart with mine
It beats in time
Now I know why I’m alive

Now that I’ve found You
I could never let You go away
You left my life never the same
Sing over me and let me hear the words
You wrote for me
Whisper the words and set my spirit free
Oh, sing to me
~Barlow Girl

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  1. Barlow Girl's songs are really great. The way I figure it, being single is an epic adventure. Being married is too...but enjoy the adventure you're in NOW.