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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today's Christianity

I haven't posted in a while, yet I've had a lot of things on my mind lately. One of the most disturbing thoughts I've had was about the state of today's Christianity. It had never affected me the way it did last week or even now for that matter. I hadn't stopped to consider the issue at all until last week when God impressed that issue upon my heart. I was so disgusted with it, yet found great comfort in a woman who went through the same problems almost a century ago! That woman was Amy Carmichael, and boy was her biography a blessing to me! Here are a few of the disgusting compromises she had to face in her day:

1.) Christians who felt in order to gain converts a compromise needed to be reached with the non-christians, such as letting them keep their house idols while maintaining the status of a Christian
2.) Christians trying to misconstrue reality and provide "happy" endings to stories that were not happy in the midst of the clash between Muslim and Christians
3.) English Christians living lavishly and comfortably within India, unwilling to sacrifice their life of luxury to better help the Indian people
4.) Missionaries unabashed by the thought that they could not find one Indian Christian who would willingly help the missionaries out without pay
5.) Missionaries that were not phased by the fact they had not one convert in about 5 yrs!

I finally felt like someone understood how I felt about Christianity, although what I saw wrong with it was quite different from Amy Carmichael's Christianity of the day- here are a few that I found

1.) When famous preachers use the Lord's name in vain or speak irreverently while praying to God
2.) When Toy Story 3 has Christians crying over the ending- yet they can't cry over the lost souls dying and going to hell
3.) When Christians have become so much like the world, they don't even realize they look like the world

Those were just a few things God was revealing my eyes to, especially after a long conversation with a friend concerning certain issues about the state of Christianity- which in turn made me realize that I was slowly being sucked in to point number 3 and 4 as well. It saddened me to realize that some of my values and morals had gone down to the standard of the world too. As Christians, we're called to give up everything and live for God. After praying this morning and reevaluating my standards as a Christian, I realized there was one important thing I needed to give up- Facebook. A friend of mine, who I have taken in as my little sister was disappointed about not having a Facebook. She explained to me why she couldn't have one- and I have to admit that it was a very good reason! Here I was- using adblocker to avoid bad ads,and avoiding looking at other profiles, because you can't control what kind of content other people put up on facebook. Somehow I was justifying my actions and compromising as well. It bothered me that I would set an example like that, not to mention I'd been convicted over this for awhile. So I finally gave it up in order to do what was right in God's eyes. That was just a little problem of mine, yet it was a treacherous pitfall for me! I thought about how awful our compromises are as Christians- we should look less like the world, not more like it. Are there any compromises you have made that you need to get rid of too?