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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Love of God

I was meaning to write about a different topic for my blog post, when something happened yesterday that caught me by surprise. I decided to write about the events that occurred last night, since the Lord really revealed Himself to me.
I work at a Christian bookstore. I absolutely love working there! Work yesterday was pretty hum drum though. Nothing much was happening, which was unusual for a Saturday.  It was mostly the females working as well, which is a rare occasion! We females were excited, because closing time was just around the corner. As we were preparing for the end of a mellow evening, our manager came up to me and told me to keep an eye out for some young men who had walked in the store. She had caught them cussing and invoking Satan. I was a little shocked, wondering what their purpose was for entering the store. As the time was getting closer to closing, we females became quite anxious, for the young men had not left the store and appeared to have come in just to mock Christianity. They left only after a gracious customer had told them they were about to be kicked out, because one of them decided to start smoking. As soon as the gentlemen left, one of our employees realized that the young men had probably been shoplifting as well. We were relieved that they were gone, but they ended up roaming around the parking lot after they left the store. This really worried us, since there was mostly female employees and closing time was just around the corner. Our manager ended up calling the police, but the young men had left by the time he came. Once the store closed, we found out that they had desecrated store property by various things they had done throughout the store. I cannot tell you anxious and fearful we were! We were all praying to the Lord throughout this dilemma, and I praise God for His protection. As I sat back and thought about this event that occurred, I learned a few things.
Earlier that morning, I had read through a Kay Arthur Bible study and learned a lot. I was specifically learning about the Hebrew name for God as sovereign, El Elyon and the power El Elyon has over Satan. As I was reading the passages concerning God’s sovereignty in Job, I noticed that Satan had absolutely no power unless it was given to him by God, and even then, it was limited. When Satan is speaking to God about Job, he tells God to take everything away from Job, rather than telling God that he will ruin Job. God had to give him permission and even then, Satan had to obey the restrictions placed upon him, which he did, by not harming Job in the initial part of the book! Then when Jesus was tempted, I found it interesting that Satan told Jesus, that he would give him the kingdoms of the world, because God had given them to him. Satan couldn’t give Jesus anything that wasn’t given to him by God! So when those young men were invoking Satan, I laughed inside. To think that Satan could ever have any power over God! It’s such a comforting thought, and I never realized just how little power Satan truly has.
One of my co-workers mentioned praying for the young men to get saved. I thought that was an excellent idea. As she mentioned this, another co-worker made an excellent point, she said, “God loves those guys just as much as He loves us.” And you know what? She was absolutely right. These young men obviously hated Christians, and most likely practiced some form of Satanism, yet God loved them. I pondered those words, thinking about the Satanic tattoos upon those young men, and saying to myself, “You know, they are so special to God. Here these young men are, cursing God to His face by clinging to Satan, yet the Lord has given them breath this very minute. He chose to allow them to live and move another day. Why, because He loves them, and He wants them to know Him.” How special they are in His sight, that He allows them to breathe! This verse came to mind in Romans 2:4- “. . .not knowing that God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance?” God is calling those young men to Himself. Isn’t that wonderful? I am praying for the salvation of their souls, and that they would hear God’s voice and respond positively.