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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Being Content. . . once again

It's been such a long time since I've posted, so many things going on, and I can't wait to see what the Lord does, because I shall have another posting shortly after this one too!

This time though, my topic on contentedness is very different from my previous posts. I am an only child, as most folks already know. I've had such a hard time dealing with being an only child ever since I was little. I used to cry for a sibling, that's how upset I was over my circumstances. In the past month though, I've grown even more discontent with my circumstances, because I am now ever surrounded with big families. My friends all have big families. I'm the only one who is an only child. All I could think about was how unfair it was not to have an older brother, or a young sibling to spoil. I kept thinking, "WHY?". That's all I kept thinking, until I had two friends exhort me in the faith. They explained to me what I already knew, but somehow I suddenly realized they were right. God does have a special purpose for my life that no one else but I can fulfill. After I started thinking about our conversation, I mulled over this thought and suddenly realized how selfish I'd really been. I am one of the very few and fortunate children who have their parents all to themselves any time of the day, and yet I'm complaining? It didn't make sense. I suddenly realized just how selfish I was compared to those with many siblings. I have time all to myself; I am bound by no one. I can do as I please without being bothered. I don't have to watch younger siblings. I don't even have to share with anyone. I suddenly realized that I was a spoiled only child. That hurt, pretty bad! I've never thought of myself as spoiled, until I took a good look at those with many siblings and watched their lives for awhile. They weren't selfish; they gave willing to their siblings. They had all the kind, compassionate, and giving traits that I didn't have. Then I looked at myself and thought, "What have done?". Nothing was my response. Since then, I've realized the blessings of being an only child, and I have learned how to correct the selfish habits gained by being an only child. I realized that I needed to make the time for others, to exhort others, to give of my time to others, more than ever before. And I've realized that being an only child is a special blessing by God. I am very privileged, for only a handful of people are only children.